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Mica Pendant Lights

SKU ID: 662187506777
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Product Code : IK-RMicaPL-8W-50K-WH-90C-30D

Voltage 100 - 277 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Lumen Output 760lm
Power 8W
CCT 5000K
CRI >90
Beam Angle 30°
Light Distribution Medium
LED Light Source Osram SOLERIQ S 19
Start Time Instant
Driver Stand Alone (included)
Operating Position No Swiveling Type
Dimming Triac Dimming / 0-10 V Dimming
Heads Single Head
Finish White
Length 3-1/2"
Height 3-3/4"
Optics Reflective Cup Structure
Width (W) 3-1/2"
Application Area Guest Room, Restaurant, Meeting Room, Club, Hall, Hotel Entrance

Mica Beam Table
Mica Description

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